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Send Email Verification
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eFitnessMail is part of the Creative Business Technologies Corporation
Back Office Business Suite delivering emails to various fitness websites.

Please make sure your email is in the system verified in order
to receive emails.

If you fill out to resend the email verification, then you will receive an
email with a link in it to click to verify your email and confirm it in our
system. So look out for that confirmation email in your email account
as well as in your spam folder. You can also whitelist us beforehand.

After you click the link in our confirmation email,
any pending emails will be sent to your email
account. We are sorry if this is may seem like
jumping through hoops to verify an email, but we
must do this in order to not be blocked by email
providers like hotmail, yahoo etc. from being seen
as spam. As is we sometimes land in the spam folder.

eFitnessMail Support Team

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